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This page belongs to an event in the past. The informations below are therefore probably out of date; please do not trust them.

Diese Seite gehört zu einem Event in der Vergangenheit. Die Informationen sind möglicherweise veraltet, bitte vertraue nicht auf sie.



(hopefully, we can find one responsible person for each area)

  • Registration process (on the webpage, via eMail or in wiki)
    • Responsible:
    • Registration Script on Webpage: Silicium
  • Call for papers, paper collection :), contact to speakers:
    • Responsible: Andreas
    • Helpers (speaker support at the event, etc): thomasb,?,?,..
  • Food
    • Responsible (for coordination of the people, checking how many meals are needed, buying stuff, etc):
    • Cooks (2, one for each evening): Beni (from KuZeB),?
    • Helpers (to help the cooking person, help cleaning, etc): Andreas, ?, ?, ?
  • Sleeping
    • Someone can check out, how many people will sleep there, coordinate it a bit, maybe put some nearby hostels in the wiki, etc.
    • Responsible:
  • Advertising
    • Responsible:
    • Contact to Radio: Andreas (Kanal K)
  • what else??

Organisation - what comes next

Todo list

  • more projects and papers, please...
  • advertising

Call for papers

  • Call for papers has been sent to all chaos mailinglists
  • please help spread it
  • directly ask anyone who does interesting stuff to hold a lecture

Call for beamer

  • if you have a beamer that you can take to Cosin, please write it down on the list below



  • Official page:

(Page Design: DONE) Content avaible in english and german


If you can bring equipment, please write this down here

  • Silicium
    • 24Port 100mbit 3Com Superstack Manag. Layer2 (no gbit uplink)
    • WRT G Accesspoint (Demaged last week:( )
    • Ethernet/Power Cables
    • 4Port KVM Switch
    • Ethernet Cards
    • Turntables (technics mk5) and mixer for techoparty?? (yea fabio, u like it!)
  • Andreas
    • 8Port switch
    • some ethernet and power cables
  • Obri
    • Switch 40x 100mbit 8xGbit SC Fiber
    • Switch 24x 100mbit 2xGbit SC Fiber
    • Broadcom SC Gbit PCI Card
    • 20m SC Fiber Cable
    • Switch 26x 100mbit
    • a/b/g Accesspoint
    • b/g Accesspoints
    • And other Hardware
  • Lily
    • Ein 8 Port switch
    • Ein Wireless Accesspoint
    • 50 Meter Stromkabel
    • 6 Stromschienen
    • 8 Ethernet Kabel (verschiedene Längen)

Other Ideas

  • Chillout area
    • Low chill-music, colorful room, with couches for chilling (pseudosleeping)
    • Big pillows
    • Hammocks (Haengematten)
    • Ideal for Relax after stressfull day on the event.
  • Sound/music?
    • I can organize about 4 pre-mixed Creative-commons CD's and 3.3gig CC music on DVD. --^
    • I can mix music like Electro and Minimal/Techno with Turntables. Silicium

Zwiskle 22:17, 20 June 2006 (CEST)

  • Boardgames (chess, etc)
  • something for internal communication
  • will there be a DECT net ? --Zwiskle 22:17, 20 June 2006 (CEST)
    • probably not, we don't have the equipment
    • maybe someone wants to set up a sip server (asterisk or similar); otherwise, irc will have to suffice (and we can also communicate directly :) --Andreas
  • a PGP/GPG signing party ;-) (already in the schedule :)
  • Lockpicking (bring along your sets! :-)


  • webpage should be created asap (DONE)
  • advertising text, send when?

Space in KuZeB

Approximate number of people that fit in

  • Kino (lectures): 25
  • Infokafi (lectures): 50
  • Fabrikkafi (meeting/info point, food, bar): 70 (on tables)
  • Konzertkeller (hackcenter if Fabrikkafi is too small): 40 (on tables)
  • Konzertkeller with Konzertbar: 60 (on tables)


Läsothek 60m2, Fabrikkafi 110m2, Infokafi 40m2, Kino 25m2, Konzertkeller 60m2 & Konzertbar 20m2

Meeting, Dienstag, 4. Juli, 19.30 @ KuZeB


  • Andreas

Traktanden (sortiert nach ungefährer Priorität)

  • Bar/Infopoint
    • 24h Einsatzplan
  • Internet
    • ADSL Sponsoring - was wurde daraus
    • verantwortlicher Umgang
  • Strukturen
    • was wird wie genutzt (Vorträge, etc)
  • Rauchen
    • friedliche Lösung?
  • Konzert