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How to order a Pizza at the Chaostreff Basel


  • Get a "Pizza Pass"
  • Collect all the Pizza Orders
  • _WRITE_ It down. Match <nick> <pizza>

Actual Ordering Process

  • Use a SWISSCOM/ORANGE Mobile Phone Dial: +41 61 461 74 75
  • Do not confuse waitress with orders like "8 Jahreszeiten" Use easy multipliers (2 * Quattro Statiogine)
  • Further do not confuse waitress with orders like "Pizza Calzone geschnitten"
  • Repeat "Geschnitten" multiple times. Best multiplied by the amount of Pizzas.
  • When they say 15 Minutes be there in 12. Collect free ice tea.
  • Get money from the verpeilten geeks first

When at the Restaurant

  • Check Pizzas against your list
  • Check if Pizza is "Geschnitten" complain if condition not met.
  • Exchange Rate at the Restaurant is currently 10 Euro to 14.50 CHF

When you distribute the goods

  • make sure you give them what they ordered! Not what looks good to them.

If you follow these Steps your Pizza Order for the geeks will be a success! You will receive karma++


  • Put your Pizza cardboard box to the dump right next to the fridge.