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This page belongs to an event in the past. The informations below are therefore probably out of date; please do not trust them.

Diese Seite gehört zu einem Event in der Vergangenheit. Die Informationen sind möglicherweise veraltet, bitte vertraue nicht auf sie.

This page is no longer used. Please use Chaos Singularity 2006 Organisation for organisational stuff.
This page should be merged to Chaos Singularity 2006.


Outdoor Event

  • needs big tent and many smaller tents
  • needs sunshine
  • People who prefer this option: Silicium, ratte, lily

Indoor/Weekend Event

Indoor/Longer Event




  • People who like this date: thomasb
  • Anything from 07.08. - 28.08: thomasb

other date


The following locations have been mentionned as possible

Cultural Center in Bremgarten

  • Internet available
  • Cost: 0 - what we think is ok
  • On easter (traditionally) there will be a lot of concerts - an no place for a Chaos Event...
  • Summer break during july/august - should be no problem for a Chaos Event
  • People who like this place: Andreas, hernani, ratte, Silicium

Youth-culture-house in Brugg

  • Cost: ~ 500 CHF if we need the whole house
  • good infrastructure: coffee/eating room with large kitchen, concert room, different small rooms, billiard table, tablefootball etc.
  • internet: cablecom link and local wlan
  • good reachable (5 minutes by feet) from trainstation brugg. sbb brugg has really good (mostly direct) train connections to bern (56-58 min), olten (24 min), zürich (24 min), basel (42-46 min), luzern (1h20min), genf (2h 43 min), chur (1h53min), paris, amsterdam, bruxelles ...
  • parkingplaces: 20meters near the house
  • people who like this place: ratte

Outdoor together with "lost in nature" drum&bass openair event

  • Cost: 25 CHF per person for three days camping plus breakfast
  • No need to organize infrastructure (Food, Drinks, Music & Visuals, Toilets, Electricity)
  • Openair Lost In Nature
  • Tsunami Crew (Organizers)
  • Internet: poor Adsl uplink (also used for Broadcast of the Event)
  • people who like this place: ratte, Silicium


  • too much publicity: other visitors not interested in technology
  • not all hackers like the sun (and outdoor events) and the displays (beamers also not)

Stadthalle Bülach

  • Stadthalle Buelach equipped with fast Cablecom-Access, has been host to several LAN-Parties.
  • easy reachable with car and train
  • Cost: 2500 CHF per day (!) + additional cost depending on event
  • People who like this place:
  • People who want to give us 5000 CHF:

Area that belonged to PCO Portland Zementwerk (now free to be reused)

  • see [1]
  • for an outdoor event
  • we're still trying to find out if it's even legally possible
  • they're ignoring all eMails

Responsibility (formation of an association ((Zweck-)Verein?))

  • needed?

for distribution of eventual (damage) costs among the association's members


We probably need to set a date before we can plan this ...

  • Who likes to do one (and about what)?
  • German/English?
  • Who can bring beamers?
  • Does someone like to write a schedule?


If you plan to come, please put your name here. If you're not sure, just write your name and the probability that you will join us, so we can calculate the expected value for the number of people :)

(I guess we need the date here, too)




  • Confederative Chaos Congress
    • CoCo
    • nCo2 *
    • ConCon
    • nCon2
    • Cons (more freely, could ambiguously be sth like Congress Switzerland or Console)
  • Konföderativer Kabelsalat Kongress or Kabelsalat Komputer Kongress
    • KKK (provocative)
    • K3 - we're a mountain feat. country ;)
  • Chaos Singularity 2006
    • because we hope to concentrate all the chaos in one point :)
  • /dev/chaos reloaded
    • maybe not good because it's our first event
  • CCCCH / nC4H
    • Confederative Chaos Communication Congress Helvetica
    • Communication Congress of the Chaotic Confederation Helvetica
      • what about a Chaos Computer Club Confoederatio Helvetica to be founded there?
  • C4 / nC4
    • Confederative Chaos Communication Congress
  • nC3H
    • Chaos Communicaton Congress Helvetica
      • what about a Chaos Computer Club Helvetica (CCCH) to be foundet there?
  • ICC
    • International Chaos Congress
    • Intergalactical Chaos Congress
  • We could take some buzzwords of american politics an make fun of them
    • there are many buzzwords just waiting to be filled with new content :)
    • the following examples would be more something like subtitles I guess
    • Operation Freedom Fries
      • has absolutely no meaning, but I think it sounds funny
    • Weapons of Mass Information Distribution (e.g. Chaos Singularity 2006 - Weapons of Mass Information Distribution)
      • because we have some WoMID (like Blogs, Wikis, etc) and now is a good time to use them to counter the Media (Weapons of Mass Deception :)
      • because the event itself is something like a place for mass information distribution
      • alternative: Weapons of Mass Filesharing (makes us look like pirates)
  • United Geeks of Switzerland
    • has some unwanted nationalism - alternative: United Geeks of Europe/Planet Earth/Milky Way/Andromeda group/Virgo Supercluster/the Universe
  • Chaos Anomaly 2006
  • Do-It-Yourself-Chaos-Days 2006

(n to be incremented, starting at 1)

Optional/not-so-important stuff

  • projects?
  • somebody knows a nice name/motto for our event (swiss chaos event is admittedly not very creative)?
  • someone likes to design a logo?
  • t-shirts? (if someone creates a nice logo, I'm willing to take care of getting it on t-shirts (Andreas))

Tractanda, to be discussed @ a meeting or on the list

(sorted by approximate priority/mutual dependence) (needs extending)

  • definitive place & date
    • probably Kuzeb & (extended?) weekend in july (check with Kuzeb people)
    • sleeping possible at location?
    • it would be nice if we can see the location once before the event
  • Call For Papers
    • sooner = better, but depends on date&place
  • beamer/cables/tables/etc - where do we get it?
  • name of event (needed for advertising)
  • advertising, where & how
    • mailinglists
    • Symlink maybe
    • dead trees if thats really needed
    • how can we reach the frech/italian community
  • responsibility form & money stuff
    • seems like we don't need it at the moment

Core group for organisation

(as suggested on the list, because the list seems to be too slow in organizing...)

  • SheGeeks (lily, will be there ;))
  • Chaostreff Aargau (Andreas)
  • Chaostreff Basel ( nobody_su )
  • Chaostreff St. Gallen (Silicium)
  • Chaostreff Zug (who?)
  • Chaostreff Zürich (hernani)
  • (thomasb)
  • someone from french/italian community?
  • someone else?


The first meeting will be at the KuZeB in Bremgarten, starting 19.00 on Friday, 5.5.2006