Chaos Singularity 2006

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This page belongs to an event in the past. The informations below are therefore probably out of date; please do not trust them.

Diese Seite gehört zu einem Event in der Vergangenheit. Die Informationen sind möglicherweise veraltet, bitte vertraue nicht auf sie. Cosin 2010 Cosin_2010



Cosin is a chaotic event organised by chaostreffs of Switzerland, SheGeeks and We intend the hold lectures, operate a network and have a lot of fun. Lectures are going to be in german and english (probably mostly german).

Cosin is going to be a relatively small (and cosy :) event; that said, international guests are very welcome.


7. to 9. July 2006


KuZeB in Bremgarten (it's Bremgarten in Aargau, _not_ the one near Bern).

Getting there

The location is very near to a train station. The number of parking lots is very limited, so please use the train to get there. You can find a connection at the homepage of SBB. On the KuZeB homepage, there is a plan of the location.

Address (KuZeB)

Ecke Zürcher-/Zugerstrasse
Postfach 512
CH-5620 Bremgarten AG


There will be a network. Internet connection bandwith is limited though and the connection runs under the name of a private person. To prevent this person from getting into trouble, we're asking you to act responsible, and not use the internet connection for maliculous or destructive activities.


We ask for CHF 10 (≅6.4 €) from each participant. Additional donations are welcome.


If you want to eat at KuZeB, each dinner will cost you CHF 5. Please add you name on Cosin eatandsleep. Only vegetarian meals will be available.


If you need a place for sleeping, please add your name on this page. If it's ok for you to just sleep on the floor, you don't need to register. Don't forget your sleeping bag and a small matress. Earplugs are advisable as well.

Lectures and Workshops

Der Call For Papers ist vorbei. Die Betaversion des Fahrplans ist verfügbar, sowie ausführliche Details.


If you want to actively participate (I hope you do :), feel free to add your project here, be it technical, political or just fun stuff.

Other Stuff


An infosheet in german is available for you to print out and bring along for your orientation.


There's a public bath near the KuZeB, so don't forget your towel and your bathing trunks.

Contact during the event

Contact phone number during the event: 079 655 46 84


See Cosin FAQ

Links to organizing groups


St. Gallen



Rückblick und Ausblick

Chaos Singularity 2006 ist vorbei, lies im Rückblick was am Event geschehen ist.

Während des COSINs fand eine Zukunftsdiskussion statt.


A singularity is a particular point in time and/or space, where everything concentrates (eg a black hole - a mass singularity). Chaos Singularity could therefore be a concentration of all chaos. A singularity can be something strange, unusual, peculiar or unique. Furthermore, singularity is the point in time, where the exponential growth in technology becomes infinite. At this point, all development happens extremely fast and almost completely chaotic, making any predictions about the following time impossible.

Cosin is a trigonometric function. It does not have any singularities. The value of cosin(2006) is approximately -0.093.